Block Chain Development

Blockchain, Distributed ledger, Bitcon technology has enabled next generation of internet where trust can be built in to the computing itself by bringing participating computing resources which physically belongs and can be controlled by entity while participating in distributed transection. This opens up countless possibilities of building executable contracts which are highly available, execute only when necessary business conditions are validated and hard to temper once transection is successfully recorded as well audible.
We offer following service around blockchain technology.

Implementation Accelerators

we have worked closely with clients to understand work together to developed new technology code and operational architecture to dramatically improve time-to-market for these initiatives and unlock billions of dollars in operational savings and transform global operations. We’ve essentially created a blockchain road map to operational excellence and efficiency.
We want to take opportunity to share what we’d learned in our labs and use it to help other companies accelerate their own blockchain projects – because after all, blockchain by its nature gains strength based on the number of entities using the network.
The Blockchain Accelerators can provide institutions with solutions that provide:

Reduced Cost


Increased transparency


Improved customer experience

Infrastructure Consulting

Consortium / Private Blockchain Deployment Plan


Development & Testing




Blockchain Development


Developing Smart Contract

Hyperledger Fabric

Implementation of Service interfaces

Integrating with external services, business logic

Implementing solution using any / mix of technology using below


Node – Java Script




Education / Counselling

Technology is tool available to organization but in absence acceptance of same by people working in organization it can not achieve full potential. We help organization to help optimize benefit of blockchain technology by spreading knowledge needed to adopt same…

Executive Training

Put use cases / benefits / interaction how blockchain technology can bring competitive edge / cost benefit to organization.

Business Enablers training

Once use case to address is identified in organisation the business sponsor, non-technology team need to get up to the speed….

Development / Technology Training

We help internal IT team to get prepared for blockchain implementation