Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is ability to connect every day physical things with internet and able to provide value with new ability of connectivity. IoT makes human interactions with computing invisible and with kind of data collected and intelligence provided with amalgation of data & artificial intelligence creates wonders.

Expertise Needed

multidisciplinary capability, interaction between fields

Electronics, Transducers, Computing hardware interfaces etc.

Embedded Computing, Computer on a chip

Resource Constrained Computing (Memory, Storage, Connectivity, Processing power, Operating Environment etc…)

Building Solution

Creating Supporting Backbone

Identify Relevant Protocol

Analytics & Algorithms relevant to thing’s domain.

Interaction models like touch, voice, camera / image processing, motion, remote device / derived

User Identity, Personalizations, Initial Setup etc.

We can help in...

Undertaking end to end solution development from vision to reality.

Jumpstart development by providing building blocks

Algorithms & Big Data development support

Selection of Electronics, Transducers, Computing hardware interfaces etc.