Change is the only constant

Project : The driver of change…

Prodygee comprises of a team with strong and deep experience across industries and technology areas. Below are some of the systems built by the Team Prodygee.

Financial Technologies

Algorithmic trading platform

Support VWAP, TWAP, Implementation Shortfall, Buyback and POV algorithms & plug and play of custom algorithmic.

Trade strategies highly responsive to real-time market data changes.

Front Office QA Automation

Trading System with Automated Database driven test cases, writing and development of test cases in one step.

Puts a quantitative measure to software reliability.

Client, Exchange & Market Data Simulation

What-if scenarios execution based on various changes in market

Validate formula against realtime data and predict performance of funds based on technical analysis.

SWIFT Accelerator And Smart Adapter

Generic Protocol handler integrating with success and failure use cases,

providing auditing, reconciliation, reporting out of box.

Enterprise Mobile, Media and Retail

Technician iOS Mobile App

Gateway to all needs of technician to support new installation, troubleshooting, routine site check.

existing IT infrastructure, workflow and API to integrate with client. Day scheduling, auto routing, communication, tasking all integrated. Increase efficiency and quality by factors, makes customer happy with happy representation.

Mobile News data aggregator

Sourcing content from multiple source & protocols SFTP, FTP, Push, PubSubHubbub, RSS Pull. Distribution with custom filtering per partner.

Increase reach to multiple channels, decrease overhead of establishing new relationships with self service partner provisioning.

IoT Application For Sports

Making expert available to every one.

Without burdening player with technology know how make knowledge available to user. Enable voice interaction augmented with know how of the game in the wearable.

Blockchain Framework

Enabling integration with authentication & authorisation system, existing IT infrastructure, building workflow and API to integrate with client.

Get up and running with tested accelerator, invest time in building solution instead of frameworks.