Mobile Solutions

In today’s world, people rely on mobile interface to fulfill their information and interaction needs.  Fewer people go to web sites and rely on apps or web interfaces on the phone.  Do you have a presence on the app store – you may or may not need one – we can help analyze and provide a solution for your specific needs.

We have legacy of successfully delivering solutions on the mobile landscape since early days of mobile computing. Our experience span to below mobile platforms…



Windows CE

RIM / Blackberry

Palm OS etc…

Enterprise Mobility Management

MDM (Mobile Device Management) – Airwatch, Mobile Iron etc. for delivering / managing applications and devices which are owned by enterprise.

MAM (Mobile Application Management) – Managed Applications to deliver application securely in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios. Where enterprise does not own the device but need enterprise grade security around application.

Mobile Software Development

Native and hybrid software

Solution which integrate with existing infrastructure like SSO, proprietary / custom off the self software deployed

Mobile Test automation

Information architecture / UX Engineering

Secured communication

Analytics, metrics integration allowing objective assessment of goals, usability and other aspects.

Manage IT Assets

Version Control to see history of evaluation

Release processes to support Continuous Delivery and Iterative Improvement


Data encryption at reset, while in transit etc.

Mutual authentication

identity propagation

password less authentication

Authentication & access control with state of art technologies

Our Expertise

Identify best way the information can be made available to it’s user so that does not create strain and increase productivity.

Provide fine integration of device capabilities.

Consider security as base requirement not as after thought

Keep in mind the scarcity of resources like power and display size etc… and design accordingly

Drive solution which help user achieve objectives instead of simply presenting data which does not make sense.