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Ravi Anand

Ravi has over 20 years of experience building software for various industries – Automotive, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Financial Services. At his last position, Ravi served as Managing Director for a Large Investment Bank and managed global teams developing low latency trading applications. Ravi offers expertise in Technology, Management, and Senior Leadership. Ravi serves on the board of directors of various organizations and is our Chief Executive Officer for US Operations.


Ravi was the primary architect responsible for building the award-winning algorithmic trading system used by key Financial Clients including some of the largest investment banks on Wall Street. Ravi offers strong industry knowledge of Equity Trading Systems and Market Microstructures for Domestic and Global Markets. Besides knowledge of various models to support VWAP, TWAP, Implementation Shortfall, Buyback, and POV algorithms, Ravi has also built premium crossing platforms, low latency market data-consuming services, next-generation pre and post-trade analytics and provides a unique skill set of technology leadership and business acumen for trading systems.

Ravi has over a decade of high end consulting background offering technology solutions to BMW, Lucent Technologies, Medco Health Solutions, Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield of North America, University of Phoenix Financial Services, Bank of New York,  JP Morgan Chase, UBS and Guggenheim Partners where he has architected and developed complex solutions to industry challenges using the web and mobile platforms.

Ravi’s technology expertise is along the Microsoft Stack. He also offers deep insight into how clients can benefit from the Blockchain technology using industry-leading solutions.

Munjal Kansara

  • Enterprise Mobile Architect with experience develop solution on following Platforms
  • iOS, Android, PlamOS, Blackberry / RIM, Windows CE, Java ME, html 5 etc.
  • Dealing with mobile device constrains like
    • Power, Storage, Processor, Network, UI real estate, interaction etc…
  • Developing Cross Platform Mobile Backend Micro Services which are discoverable (HATEOAS, HAL), process / request response as well event driven.
  • Strong base in building highly scalable, secure & resilient services infrastructure which are maintainable.
  • Behaviour Driven Development & automated Testing
  • Self Documenting API & Domain models.
  • Right tools & languages for addressing problem (i.e. test, development, infrastructure, build automation etc…)
  • Visualizer of database and multiple perspective and uses of same
    • Datastore on devices (limited resources), data for searching, mining, OLTP, reporting, analytics etc…