Project Management

It take more than just narrow technology know how to make Project Success. Right Project Management tools and selection of technologies are needed to achieve optimum benefit from project activities undertaken.

Project management helps team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria by following time tested, evolved approach toward  initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work.

Technology Oversight helps in objectively evaluating various options at hand based on merit and strategic foresight to in process of execution of project.


Project Management helps in following

Better efficiency in delivering solution

Improved Quality

Reduce West

Surfacing and managing Risks

Making project more predictable

Reduce burndown of team members

What we do

We follow established PMI Project Management Practices along with software development specific project management process like Scrum to achieve best results .

Various project management employs various tools to plan out execution like

Work Breakdown structure

Gantt Chart

Critical Path analysis

For large size project we employ scrum of scrum, and iterations to parallelize work efforts in targeted manageable teams and continuously deliver value to stakeholders in facen like

Plan Sprints in rolling wave fashion

Execute the planned work

Show & Tell of the work, gather feedback and tune the plan

Deliver what is done

Retrospect and move forward to execute another commitment with better understanding of need.

Technology Expertise

We bring deep knowledge along with years of experience to our customer to efficiently execute projects on following verticals

Mobile, Web, Desktop Technologies

Cloud Solution

Enterprise Integration


Data Modeling

Behavior Driven development and test automation

Domain Expertise

We have served customer is numerous segments, building implicit understanding of domain

Financial Technologies


Health Care