Project Management and Technology Oversight

  • Team comprises of Certified Project Managers with several years of field experience
  • Expert Development team who does full stack development
  • We have expertise in following areas
    • Mobile Development on all major platforms like
      • iOS
      • Android
      • Hybride
    • Enterprise Solution & Integration
      • Security, Single Sign on, Access Control, Encryption
      • Exposing and Consuming API
      • Distributed Ledger & Executable Contacts (Blockchain)
      • Cloud Based resilent highly available & scalable middleware development.
      • Event based architecture
    • UX Usability
      • Understanding Problem and address the way that works for humans
      • Decreasing learning curve for users
      • Making computer interaction seamless
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Design & Testing

Get concept converted to code and make sure they do expected and able to have healthy growth with confidence with automation testing. We offer

  • Concept to Code service.
  • Behavior Driven test automation which provides feedback in terms of impact what human can used to take decision instead of cryptic failures.
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Mobile Solutions

Our expertise and long experience in mobile space can help to make your mobile endeavor successful. We develop solution which

  • provide fine integration of device capabilities.
  • Consider security as base requirement not as after thought
  • keep in mind the scarcity of resources like power and display size etc… and design accordingly.
  • drive solution which help user achieve objectives instead of simply presenting data which does not make sense.
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Block Chain & Executable Contracts

we have worked closely with clients to understand work together to developed new technology code and operational architecture to dramatically improve time-to-market for these initiatives and unlock billions of dollars in operational savings and transform global operations. We’ve essentially created a blockchain road map to operational excellence and efficiency.

We want to take opportunity to share what we’d learned in our labs and use it to help other companies accelerate their own blockchain projects – because after all, blockchain by its nature gains strength based on the number of entities using the network.


  • Ethereum eco system like Mist, Solidity, geth etc…
  • Hyper ledger eco system like Fabric, Java / Node integration
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